How 2 Brain Principles Are Driving People’s Decisions

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Most data scientists are psychologists.

They analyze and understand the data of human behavior.

However, co-dependent data streams, too many features, missing data etc. can obscure hidden patterns in the dataset.

The Solution: Understanding how the brain works can help to predict what information a person uses to make a decision, in business, marketing and policy.

In this video, I share Ideas regarding Memory Consolidation and Associations, which can make your search for data-treasures much more fruitful.

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Jonathan T. Mall

Author Jonathan T. Mall

Jonathan is a computational Neuropsychologist turned entrepreneur. Seduced by the opportunity to optimize consumer experience using machine learning, he led the Science team in a IBM Big Data Venture ( Afterwards, he founded, a market research institute, using online experiments that illuminate the true drivers of desire and purchase behaviour. When he’s not combining Neuroscience and Big-Data to test innovative ideas, he eats burgers and trains for the next marathon.

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