Make informed decisions on which headline best conveys your message & fits to your brand values.

How do you pick the right headline and how can you explain your choice?
How can you convey your specific message in a headline AND create a strong link to your core brand values?
How to get a clear and unbiased ranking of your headlines?
Need to ensure the right message in multiple countries?


Instant Results

Results as fast as within 48h – Thanks to our revolutionary AI-based approach.

Unrivaled Scope

Determine the best concept based on your individual goals: Our AI based testing combines your goals with consumer centric perceptions.

Global Scalability

Empower decision making globally: your concept can be tested in any language or country around the globe with one approach.

Data driven and comprehensive comparison of concepts, for transparent decision-making

Transparent scoring on a combination of criteria important for decision making. Create criteria individually based on your challenge.

Clear ranking on overall score, combining the brand and consumer perspective. See detailed information on your concepts’ performance on each individual criteria.

The system empowers you to test your concept in all relevant markets. Find out how to express your idea in any language, data driven and culturally sensitive.

I love the amount of Aha-moments it gave us. NEURO FLASH’s insights brought new energy to the team.

Michal SzanieckiCMO Volkswagen Poland

Neuro Flash is one of the most innovative brand positioning approaches I’ve ever seen. Expect surprising results that will help you build your brand.

Thorsten MarquardtManaging Director @ Retailtech Hub - powered by MediaMarktSaturn & Plug and Play

Gordian Ratajczak
Global Head of Product

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