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NEURO FLASH and the Telekom Innovation Tour in Israel

By 22. June 2019 June 28th, 2019 No Comments

Look! Our Co-Founder Henrik Büning is traveling the world to show why brand associations are important in all languages! He is representing NEURO FLASH in Israel in a 4-day program that is all about innovation and artificial intelligence.📷 Images show the Telekom Innovation Tour with customers & startups in Israel.

According to the Institute of German Business (IW), Israel has the highest concentration of AI startups in in the entire world. Thus, Israel is a hub of innovation and entrepreneurial drive.

NEURO FLASH’s artificial intelligence helps Brands create marketing messages and products faster and with the consumer needs in mind. We firmly believe that strategic and practical marketing benefits from this objective, data-driven approach. Thus, using artificial intelligence for market insights improves marketing strategy and business performance.

For more information, book an appointment to chat about how artificial intelligence market insights can benefit your messaging and your brand.

Jonathan T. Mall

Author Jonathan T. Mall

Jonathan is a computational Neuropsychologist turned entrepreneur. Seduced by the opportunity to optimize consumer experience using machine learning, he led the Science team in a IBM Big Data Venture ( Afterwards, he founded, a market research institute, using online experiments that illuminate the true drivers of desire and purchase behaviour. When he’s not combining Neuroscience and Big-Data to test innovative ideas, he eats burgers and trains for the next marathon.

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